Microsoft ProjectMicrosoft continues to refine its project management software, Microsoft Project 2010. The framework of Microsoft Project software was created to resolve issues faced during portfolio and project management, reporting and collaboration, connectivity, scalability, and user experience. Although Microsoft Project 2010 and MS Project Server 2010 are two separate products, they work well together. You can use Project Server hosting from Apps4Rent as a hub to tie together Microsoft Project users and users with Web access.

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What is Microsoft Project 2010?

Microsoft Project Server with Microsoft Project 2010 and Project Web App provides a top-tier Microsoft project management experience. Naturally, Microsoft Project Server works well with Microsoft Project 2010. It uses Microsoft Project Web App to provide business-critical information to its users. The 2010 versions of Microsoft Projects and Microsoft Project Server together create the Enterprise Project Management solution. This Microsoft project management software offering together allows companies to prioritize needs, adjust budgets, optimize resources, while gaining control of all types of work. Reporting capabilities are also key, in that Microsoft Project 2010 provides a clear view of performance via powerful dashboards. Microsoft Projects when connected with Microsoft Project Server 2010 hosting creates a playing field for optimal team performance when dealing with sophisticated projects with complex time lines and multiple stakeholders.

Microsoft Projects get Better User Interface in 2010

Intuitive and simple user interface with a new and improved graphical set of choices to yield a familiar experience that makes your project planning and management easy.

Microsoft Project Management software provides superior copy and paste feature that enables you to share data efficiently with other Microsoft Office applications while maintaining content formatting.

Microsoft Projects with Better View of Scheduling, Timelines, and Resources

Scheduling is another area which is made easier with Microsoft project management software. It gives you the flexibility to control your scheduling task. You can either schedule task manually or stick to automatic scheduling by adding in calculated durations and dates.

Microsoft Projects now have a powerful timeline view. This makes it easier to share information, as well as drill deep into project metadata to visually distinguish by clear analysis of milestones, tasks and phases.

The team planner feature allows you to visualize the right blend of tasks and resources with a simple and insightful resource view.

Microsoft Project 2010 Integrates Well with Project Server 2010

By using MS SharePoint as a foundation, collaboration is another game-changing feature of this Microsoft Project Management Software. You can save, share and manage information, data and projects in multiple and more productive ways with Project Professional 2010 and SharePoint Foundation 2010.

By connecting Microsoft Projects in 2010 with Microsoft Project Server control across all types of jobs, project selection and strategic arrangement will help you capitalize on resources and view performance via powerful dashboards.

Best Microsoft Project Software Hosting is from Apps4Rent

Apps4Rent’s hosted servers with Microsoft Project software will help you to increase profits, unify your projects and provide a thorough portfolio management tools. Our competitive prices and technical team’s 24/7 availability make Apps4Rent a value that few can beat.