MS Project Server 2010Project Managers have their preferences when it comes to using a software for project management. And Microsoft Project Server 2010 is certainly among the preferred ones. Project Server 2010 has been used by project managers across industries for resource management, critical decision making, routing tasks scheduling and more. MS Project Server 2010, a powerful combination of collaboration and organized management, takes your enterprise project management to a different level.

Apps4Rent, a leading project server hosting service provider, can now lower the barrier to entry with its affordable hosted Project Server 2010 plans. Monthly billing cycle, no set up fee, turnkey solutions, quick set up, 24/7 technical support from Microsoft Certified professionals, SAS 70 certified data center are the reasons why Apps4Rent is among the best Project Server hosting providers in the market!


Project Server 2016$33/mo.

Dedicated Project Server Silver$1199/mo.

  • Manage Projects Online
  • 2 GB Disk Space/User
  • Shared Resources
  • No Setup Fee
  • No Contract
  • Add Users ($24/User)
  • 150 GB Disk Space
  • 16 GB RAM & 4 vCPUs
  • $250 Setup Fee
  • No Contract
  • Add Users ($24/User)
  • 250 GB Disk Space
  • 24 GB RAM & 8 vCPUs
  • $300 Setup Fee
  • No Contract

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Microsoft Project Server 2010 Features

Fast Report Generation—Project Server 2010 allows to fetch reports easily whenever you require. You can print reports either directly from the software or as single-page schedules.  MS Project Server also allows you to export your fetched data to Microsoft products such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Visio, as per your needs. Reports can be also generated in form of graphs, charts, and diagrams.

Customizable—Project 2010 Server is developed on .NET framework, thus it can be tailored to meet your business requirements. Project Server 2010 installation can be through an API. Project Server Event Model and APIs when combined together displays data within the client applications, thus initiating the business process workflow.

Project Server 2010 Timesheet— The time management in Project Server 2010 hosting solution provides an idea on the time spent on a project or other activities. The time management feature tracks the exact time spent on the project, which can be Timesheets track real work time that can be secured via auditing.

Budget Control—Hosted Project Server 2010 helps in managing your project finances. It allows you to allocate by recognizing costs for each resource.

Standard Templates—MS Project 2010 Server enables you to create standard enterprise templates which can be used across the organization. Using this feature, you can have a scheduling logic, standard naming convention, and project structures.

Resource Management—Resource management is made easier with Microsoft Office Project Server 2010. You can manage your resources, viz., people, materials, and equipment required to complete a task. Resource management features include centralized resource management and anywhere any time access.

Web Update— Using Project 2010 Server, you can update or manage your task in the project management tool. No professional client applications are necessary for updating projects. Post publish, you can view the tasks using Project Web Access (PWA).

Multiple Project Status—Install Project 2010 Server and view status of multiple projects a glance through the Project Center.

SharePoint Project Server 2010—MS Project Server 2010 is built on powerful SharePoint Server 2010 that allows for central management, collaboration, issue, risks, and document tracking.

Risk Management—Microsoft Project 2010 Server finds risks quickly and allows you to troubleshoot them. Managers can create baselines required for the time and cost of the assignment. Project Server tracks the inconsistency between the baseline and actual data. If the inconsistency is more, then the manager may be notified.

Why choose Apps4Rent for Project Server 2010?

  • Apps4Rent provides the latest version of Microsoft Project Server 2010 hosting solutions.
  • Our Microsoft Project Server 2010 price is the most reasonable in the industry. It starts at $125/month for three users.
  • We don’t charge you for setup fee.
  • We bill you on monthly basis. No long-term contracts.
  • We offer turnkey solutions.
  • We provide unlimited transfer.
  • We offer 24/7 technical support and service from Microsoft Gold Certified Professionals.
  • Our servers are placed in SAS 70 certified data center.
  • We provide regular data backups.
  • We provide 30-days money back guarantee.
  • And the list is endless!

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