IT Project ManagementPeople in IT sector work under immense pressure. Large projects, scarce resources, tight deadlines, quick deliverables, and high client expectations are typical for an IT company. Any project delays can be extremely costly. Microsoft Project Server 2010 is an information technology project management tool that really works. Microsoft Project Server 2010 offers innovative collaboration, communication, and business intelligence capabilities for effective management of entire project lifecycle within budget and deadline.

Apps4Rent, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, provides this IT project management tool, MS Project Server 2010, on demand for a competitive price starting at $125/month for three users. Monthly billing cycle, SAS 70 certified data center, regular data backups, web access, high redundancy, turnkey solution, 24/7 technical support are some features that makes Apps4Rent the best project management software provider in the market!

  • Project Online

    • 1 User
    $33.00per month

    Project Server 2016

    • 1 User
    • 2 GB Disk Space
    • Unlimited Monthly Transfer
    $33.00per month

    Project Server

    2010 Shared
    $275.00per month

    Project Server

    2010 Shared
    $349.00per month

Microsoft Project Server 2010— the Best Tool for Information Technology Project Management!

If you were asking what is the IT project management software to consider for your company, the answer is Project Server 2010. Your IT project manager will find this platform very useful as it allows for knowledge workers to work from multiple time zones and locations with various functions and roles. The best feature that this information technology project manager needs is a centralized and organized management of IT projects. Here is a list of some useful features for IT projects:

  • Improved workflow and reporting features: Microsoft Project Server 2010 is helpful to an information technology manager as it  features enhanced workflow and reporting features, and interoperates seamlessly with other Microsoft applications.  With this software, an IT project manager can cut costs, make clever investment decisions, and track those decisions competently.
  • Issue tracking: Issues arise at a break neck speed when handling a project.  Project Server 2010 has desirable features for an information technology project manager such as a centralized workspace where project team members can track and troubleshoot issues without missing on anything.  Certain issue management features of IT project management software include issue list, customized forms, graphs and charts, instant tracing, and notifications.
  • Task Planning: This information technology project management software helps plan task in an efficient way by building business case analysis, optimizing portfolio, capturing demand, tracking demand, and managing funds.
  • Timesheets: Project Server 2010 integrates timesheets into your workspace thus assigning timeline to all your project work.  This gives you real-time view of your project status.
  • Report Generation: Quick hands on reports make half of IT decision making easy.  With Project Server 2010 generating reports becomes an easy process.  You can generate some vital reports using Excel Services and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services, transfer short reports to a slide using Microsoft Power Point graphics, exhibit planned study of business cases for a potential project, publish reports to Microsoft Word Document exhibiting high-level of information for each project, so on and so forth.
  • Portfolio Optimization: Project Server 2010 is an information technology portfolio management tool that has the ability to manage vast scope of portfolios. It, thus, helps manage dependencies and expand the scope of portfolio optimization. It makes sure that all your dependencies are covered under one place which can be accessed with a single click.
  • Standard Templates: Project Server 2010 allows you to maintain standard templates for managing information technology projects which can be used by project members from across the enterprise.
  • Best-in-class Portfolio Management: Project Server 2010 is a powerful tool for project management for IT that improves the visibility and quality of its portfolio planning procedure, tracking profits through project life cycle, and creating a single source for project management data sharing. Each staff of your IT project management team can get value from this scalable system that can manage hundreds and thousands of projects and resources with end number of activities.
  • Familiar Look and Feel: Since Project Server 2010 is a project manager information technology tool built on familiar Microsoft interface; thus you can divert the money required to familiarize your workforce with the user interface to some other beneficial source.
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Our IT project management tools cuts the TCO. Our skilled professionals take care of infrastructure problems while you concentrate on managing IT projects.
  • Simple Reporting with a Single Source of Fact: Project Server 2010 is a project management information technology tool that helps to effortlessly make and hand out useful reports based on a united set of information that offers a single source of truth. With this tool you can streamline various data such as financials and project status from the same place thus getting rid of any conflicts. It offers real-time, single-click refresh to provide managers the views they need from the data.

Why Choose Apps4Rent for Hosting Information Technology Project Management Software?

  • Apps4Rent offers turnkey hosted information technology project manager solutions.
  • Our business terms are easy—monthly billing cycle, no set up fee, no long term contracts, and 30-days money back guarantee.
  • We provide 24/7 technical support for project portfolio management software solutions via chat, email, and phone.
  • We provide regular data backup.
  • Our project management software is built on SharePoint Server 2010.
  • Using our project management in information technology, you can access your data from anywhere around the world.
  • We have experience serving around 10,000 companies in 50+ countries.