Construction Project Management In the construction business, staff spend time at the office and field locations. However, managing and working with vital documents such as house or site blueprints, specification sheets, site plans, and property survey reports, among others become difficult away from the office. An online tool to view, manage, work, and update the construction projects in hand becomes vital.

This is where Microsoft Project Server 2010 is useful. Project Server 2010 is an online construction project management software that a construction company can use to manage large documentation works such as house plans, electrical plans, blueprints, foundation plans and more in a structured manner. Effective collaboration, communication, on site edits and updates, access from anywhere at any time, security, timeline view, intuitive dashboards for quick decision making are some of the factors that make Project Server 2010 appealing as a project management software for construction. Moreover, this versatile project management construction software is available online from Apps4Rent for just $125.00 per month.

  • Project Online

    • 1 User
    $33.00per month

    Project Server 2016

    • 1 User
    • 2 GB Disk Space
    • Unlimited Monthly Transfer
    $33.00per month

    Project Server

    2010 Shared
    $275.00per month

    Project Server

    2010 Shared
    $349.00per month

Project Server 2010—the Best Construction Project Manager Software

Real-time View: Project Server makes construction project management easy as it gives a real-time view of information that construction industry workers look for.  The specification sheets, cost estimate report, site plan, property survey reports, elevation plans, electrical plans; everything remains just one click away from the engineers and other staff working on the project. This enables quick decision making, recognizes bottlenecks, and alleviates stumbling points and project risks.

Easy Communication: Project Server is an online construction project management tool that eases communication process. Engineers and other workforce can correspond easily with clients as all the data and information are available handy with them for construction project management services.

Intuitive Dashboards: The intuitive dashboard in the online construction project management software allows construction staff and engineers to be updated on the phase of work completed and other deadlines and milestones.

Complete Control over Entire Project Lifecycle: Microsoft Project Server is construction project manager software that offers a better costing and conventional scheduling capability and helps you carry out each aspect of your project through various engineering and mining disciplines. You can have full control over project from beginning to the end that too at a competitive price. Resource allocation, material cost, work phase completion report, each and every inch of your construction details are taken care of by the tool.

Workflow and Approvals: Taking approvals and managing workflows was never easier before. Project management construction software offers a best-in-class solution for quick approvals to expedite the work.

Anytime Anywhere Access: Project Server 2010 is the best construction project managment software that shows its aptness for the construction industry with its anytime anywhere accessibility feature. Even if you are at the construction site, you don’t have to worry, just open your tablet or Smartphone, open a web browser, and add the login credentials and you are there! Your data is right in front of you with just few clicks.

Why sign up for Construction Project Management Software from Apps4Rent?

  • Apps4Rent is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.
  • Our construction project management tool helps you with fast report generation, offers you with timesheets, helps you to control finance, creates standard construction project management templates for access across enterprise, enables you to manage resource competently, and provides project updates through web interface.
  • You can easily view your Project Server too on desktop clients using Project Professional 2010 and on web interface via Project Web Apps.
  • We offer cost-effective web based construction project management software that small and medium-sized companies can easily sign up for it without a second thought, which can be further scaled up for large projects.
  • We offer round-the-clock construction and project management technical assistance and support via chat, phone, and email.
  • With us, you get reliable and safe access to your online tool without any data intrusion or threat.
  • We guarantee 100% data security using enterprise grade firewall.
  • We provide regular data backup.
  • With us, you deal with simple business terms such as month-to-month billing cycle, no set up fee, turnkey solution, 30-days money back guarantee, quick set up, among others.

If you are into construction business, and doing back and forth from office to field and vice versa has become cumbersome for you, then sign up for Microsoft Project Server 2010 with us. We guarantee the best and cost-effective service.