Web based project managementFor a competitive edge in the market, it is important to manage your projects and resources well, preferably with a state-of-the-art Web-based project management software. Accessible via Web browsers and from desktop clients, Web-based project management tools are superior to desktop solutions. Such software solutions make collaboration and communication easier, thus offering a flexible and transparent project management solution. Apps4Rent offers Microsoft project management software, Web-based Project Server 2010, built on SharePoint Server 2010 at truly exceptional prices.

  • Project Online

    • 1 User
    $33.00per month

    Project Server 2016

    • 1 User
    • 2 GB Disk Space
    • Unlimited Monthly Transfer
    $33.00per month

    Project Server

    2010 Shared
    $275.00per month

    Project Server

    2010 Shared
    $349.00per month

Benefits of Web-based Project Management Software

Mobility—With an intuitive dashboard, reporting and planner tools, best Web-based project management software such as ours, enable you to login to your project work from anywhere in the world, thus offering a real-time view of your project.

Easy and effective collaboration—Collaboration is an inherent component of project management. For sharing your project plans with your global partners, for delegating tasks to your offshore colleagues or for managing contractors across the country, a reliable platform for collaboration is a must. This is where our web-based project management tool based on SharePoint 2010, a highly adopted collaboration platform, helps. Our Web-based software project management solution helps you save your work or project plan in one central location thus giving authorized members real-time access to business-critical project information. Teams can be given real-time alerts to adjust work activities to adapt with project changes or updates.

Boost productivity—Collaboration via project management Web-based software reduces miscommunication, which thus paves way to effective and quick team work, and increased productivity. With best Web-based project management tools, project managers can save time on routine operations such as collecting reports, updating plans, sending reminders to team and spend more time on more productive work. The project manager gets real-time view of each task and can evaluate and make necessary changes on the spot whenever required.

Solid Analysis & Reporting— Project management software Web-based offers a reporting structure that gives you invoice ready data for projects. This enables you to swiftly review all time spent during a project, as well as what is due for invoicing and how much revenue is associated with each task, phase, etc.

Flexible and scalable—Project Management Web-based software unites the collaboration platform of SharePoint Server 2010 and deliberate implementation abilities to provide flexible work management results. Users get the benefit to manage scheduling, i.e. users can plan tasks with the information they have in hand or mechanically plan tasks to have project estimate dates and durations.

Security— Security is the foremost issue that we take care of. All necessary steps to keep your data safe are taken by us. All the project management information of yours is safely transferred via SSL.

Web-based Project Management Tools from Apps4Rent

  • Apps4Rent is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner specializing in application hosting with over 10,000 clients worldwide.
  • Our project management software – hosted Project Server 2010, is Web-based and built on SharePoint 2010, which has a huge installed base and user acceptance.
  • Our Web-based project management software interfaces effortlessly through Project Web Apps.
  • Apps4Rent offers Web-based project management tools at value prices.
  • Apps4Rent provides one of the best Web-based software project management solutions.
  • We provide round-the-clock technical assistance for any Web-based project management tool related questions.
  • Daily data backup is included.
  • Firewall protection is provided
  • All your data is stored in SAS 70 certified data centers with variety of redundancy levels to protect against any downtimes.
  • Purchase terms are simple – no contract, no setup fee, 30 day money back guarantee, and you can add incremental users as needed. Sign up now and start using our powerful software the same day.